Thursday, April 19, 2007

Follow-up on Valentine's Day

The Ng couple on Valentine's Day 2007
After reading our Valentine's Day Special cover story, Sharing the Secret of Everlasting Love, on February 2, one reader was so touched that he approached us to donate a small sum of money anonymously so that the old couple featured in the story could go out for a good meal on Valentine’s Day or at their golden anniversary.

“We were very excited that the story of their plight hit a chord with readers... Being able to help people through reporting is very rewarding,” said Scarlet Ma, the journalist who wrote the piece.

Quoted from scmpimpression, March 2007 issue

There were two more readers responded to the piece, one offered the Ng couple a washing machine, another offered them a dining coupon. I bought Mrs Ng some wool, because when I interviewed them, she was knitting with the wool from decades-old sweaters.

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